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Gershwin, NY Philharmonic w/ Zubin Mehta

Title: Gershwin, NY Philharmonic with Zubin Mehta
Label: Columbia master works
Catalogue #: 3535020
Cover Condition: soiled
Sleeve Condition: intact, white
Album Condition: light scratches
Notes: woody allen film soundtrack


Price: 18.95
Joshua Rifkin, piano

Title: Piano rags by Scott Joplin Vol III
Label: Nonesuch
Catalogue #: H71305
Cover Condition: original cellophane mostly intact
Sleeve Condition: plastic
Album Condition: minor scratches
Notes: -


Price: 13.95
Joshua Rifkin, piano

Title: Piano Rags by Scot Joplin Vol II
Label: Nonesuch
Catalogue #: H71264
Cover Condition: worn
Sleeve Condition: list of other Nonesuch titles
Album Condition: minor scratches-white spot edge of vinyl-none in grooves
Notes: Someone's address stamped on front and back of cover


Price: 13.95

Jean-Pierre Rampal & Mario Duscheness

Title: Sonatas for two flutes. Baroque Records old world masters
Label: Everest Records
Catalogue #: 2855 – stereo
Cover Condition: soiled, edge torn
Sleeve Condition: soiled, tears
Album Condition: light scratches and fingerprints
Notes: -


Price: 18.95
Jean-Pierre Rampal (flute) and Claude Bollney (piano)

Title: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano
Label: CBS
Catalogue #: 42318 stereo
Cover Condition: 100% cellophane
Sleeve Condition: clean
Album Condition: clean
Notes: -


Price: 18.95
Jean-Pierra Rampal & Claude Bolling 1975

Title: Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano
Label: Columbia Masterworks
Catalogue #: M33233
Cover Condition: ring wear
Sleeve Condition: discolored, edge tear
Album Condition: clean
Notes: -


Price: 18.95








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