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Victory Tablet of King Nar-Mer
Victory Tablet of King Nar-Mer
The original from which this piece was re-interpreted - an ancient Egyptian relief of the beginning of the Early Dynastic Period (ca. 3200 BC) - was found at Hierakonopolis - near Idfu - and is now in the Cairo Museum. At the top are heads of the goddess Hathor with ears and horns of a cow - as well as the king's name - expressed by hieroglyphs for sheath-fish and chisel. Nar-Mer - wearing the crown of upper Egypt - strikes down an enemy held by the hair. Behind him is the sandal-bearer with his master's salve box and sandals. Above the kneeling victim - the king - in the shape of a falcon god - is holding by the lip the head of a captive rising out of the hieroglyph meaning "land." The six plants nearby symbolize six thousand captives. Below are two naked fallen enemies with the names of districts or tribes. 15 3/4" high. ca. 3200 BC
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