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Altarfront of the Lombard King - Ratchis
Altarfront of the Lombard King - Ratchis
During the Visigothic period in Spain - moveable decorative elements such as chancels - pillars and altar supports vied with rich architectural elements such as friezes - cornices - imposts and capitals. This re-carved example clearly belongs half-waybetween the great decorations of Late Antiquity and those which were to culminate in Romanesque art in subsequent centuries. Sculpture of this period was characterized by a constricting rigidity of the frame - the flattened form of relief - the exaggerated proportions of the figures and the simultaneous frontal and profiled representation of the bodies. The original is located in the Church of San Martino - Cividale del Friuli - Venetia. 14 1/4" wide. Italian ca. 825 - 850
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