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Holy Trinity Angel with Cymbals
Holy Trinity Angel with Cymbals
For centuries, religious artists arranged angels in hierarchical ranks, attending to duties assigned to them by the artists - taking part in Annunciation scenes, Coronations of the Virgin, and so forth. Even open mouthed, their function as holy choristers was not readily apparent. By the 15th century, a remedy had been found. Angel choirs were now provided with a host of musical instruments: fiddles, flutes, cymbals, harps and psalteries - to lend visual weight to their music making abilities. This celestial musician is one of four carved by Victorian sculptor, F.W. Pomeroy, for the choir stalls of Holy Trinity Church in Sloane Square, London. English, 20th century. 7 inches round x 1 inch deep
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Price: 45.00

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