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This relief has been reproduced from an elaborate carving in the library of Chateau Sur-Mer, the first of the great villas on Bellevue Avenue. Initial construction of this home, built for William Shepard Wetmore, who made his fortune in the China trade, was completed in 1871. The carving forms part of the library's Circassian walnut wall paneling carved by Luigi Frullini (1839-1897) in Florence for the 1876 redecoration of the Wetmore "Castle on the Sea". Italian 1876 - 12 1/4 inches high X 10 wide X 1 inch deep
Price: 95.00
Inspired by a Tibetan Buddhist repousse`, here Buddha overcomes the temptations of Mara (the personification of evil) to attain enlightenment. The smaller meditating figures are Bottisatvas, disciples of Buddha, who have remained mortal. The bird-like figure swallowing serpents at the top is Garuda, the devourer of the ego. Ivory. Tibetan. 11.5 x 13.5 x .5 inches
Price: 75.00
This mandala, from a Tibetan copper repoussee piece is an excellent example of tantric art in Tibet. In the central ring of the wheel are the eight trigrams that comprise the 64 hexagrams of the I Chings. In the outer ring, the animals symbolize the twelve years of the Chinese calendar. At the top left, the mandala is being devoured by Vajrapani, Guardian of the secret tantric law. At the top center is Manjusri, the Lord of Wisdom, cutting through ignorance with his sword. On the right is Chenrezi, the Lord of compassion. Holding the Mandala may be yama, the god of the Underworld. Ivory. Tibetan. 11.88 x 10.63 x.75 inches
Price: 75.00

Wheel of Life
A Tibetan Buddhist wheel of life is held like a mirror by Yama, the Lord of Death, and represents the stages of the soul's journey. The animals pursuing each other in the inner circle symbolize the ego drives that cause suffering: the pig / ignorance, the rooster / passion and greed and the snake / hatred. Bronze. Tibetan. 14 x 11 x .5 inches
Price: 75.00